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Why Hayes?

Hayes Manufacturing has been making quality power transmission products since 1973. Our competition has come and gone over the years, but a few of them have been around at least that long – maybe longer. So, why should you choose a Hayes over all the other brands available? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but here's what we think...

There are pros and cons to every drive coupling design. The bottom line is: what flexible drive coupling do you require for your application? Which one will give you the best performance, longest life and the least amount of headaches with ordering, pricing and delivery? Is there a coupling out there that can solve your current performance problems and can demonstrate that ability through many years of engineering experience? Of course…….. Hayes flexible drive couplings.

Why do we feel that our flexible coupling and stub shaft designs are superior to our competitor's? Our confidence comes from many years of listening to our customers, solving their dilemmas and evolving our designs based on each problem solved and every newly-satisfied customer. Have a problem? Need a special coupling design for a non-standard engine setup? Call us. In many cases, we can provide you with a new, non-standard design in less than an hour. Standard SAE flywheel couplings? Hey, we can get you a quote and a drawing in less than fifteen minutes.

We strive to take care of each and every customer, whether they are calling from their garage or a plant that takes up three-square blocks. We want them to know that they will have our full attention and resources at their disposal and to know that they can rely on us.

So, why choose a Hayes? If we haven't convinced you yet, here are a few more good reasons:

  • Flexible flywheel couplings (one-piece design)
  • Rigid flywheel couplings (two-piece design)
  • Shaft to shaft couplings
  • Bearing supported stub shafts
  • Standard and non-standard PTO shafts
  • Engine housings and adapters
  • Self-supported flexible driveshaft couplings
  • Dyno driveshaft setups
  • Custom designs (free engineering/design)