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Miscellaneous Products

For further information and sizing of the following
products please contact our factory at (231) 879-3372.

Custom Bearing Supports

Have a special bearing support need? Allow us to design and build you the shortest possible assembly. Typical applications include: saw mills, concrete saws and any other application where machine width is critical.

These assemblies are application specific, so we do not carry stock. We can design and build prototypes within 8 weeks, for most applications.

Miniature Jaw Couplings

These miniature couplings are small but powerful.

Custom Splined Shafts

If you have a custom shaft application and are having troubles finding a supplier, you've come to the right place. We make custom shafts of all types: SAE, non-SAE, splined, keyed, flanged, internal splines, external splines; you name it.

Custom Machined Bell Housings

If you do not see the bell housing you need our standard list , just give us a call. We design and manufacture many new engine housings each year. What we require for development is the engine and all required mounting information.

Shuttle Valves

Our steel shuttle valves are consistent and reliable. Contact us to determine if our shuttle valves are ready to go to work for you. ?-18 NPT, ? tube, rated to 5,000 PSI.

Custom Pullies/Sheaves

With all the applications out there, it's no wonder they don't carry standard pullies for all of them. When you can't find what you need on the shelf, call Hayes and we’ll put it on your shelf.

Custom Splined Adapters

We manufacture an array of internal and external splined adapters. These adapters are used in many different applications, such as: multiple pump drives, pump shaft adapters, ground spline sleeves, shaft extensions, and more. We do not carry a standard (stock) line of splined adapters. Since we make most of our custom splined adapters to order they are relatively expensive. In most cases for 1 to 2 pieces the cost of these adatpers will range between $350 and $450 dollars. For higher quantities they would be much less expensive.

Plug In Multiple Pump Drive Bearing Supports

Our plug in bearing support is ideal for shortening the overall length of equipment. These supports are heavy duty and come as grease filled or oil filled. When length is a concern but belt driving is an option, rely on Hayes for your side load needs.

DF Filters

NPTF In-line Filters
Part # Thread Size Micron Mesh
DF-10 1/4 N.P.T.F. 10 140
DF-105 1/4 N.P.T.F. 140 100
DF-400 1/4 N.P.T.F. 28 165
SAE O-Ring port In-line filters
Part # Tube Size Micron Mesh
DF-106 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 140 100
(PSI Drop) Pressure Drop & Burst Test
GPM DF-10 DF-105 DF-400
1 3 4 5
2 40 4 41
3 76 6 58
4 112 12 64
5 191 16 78
6 249 19 104
7 288 23 158
8 396 27 263
9 761 32 405
10 813 38 413
PSI Burst Pressure 8,500 8,500 9,000

SAE Adapters

We make SAE housing and SAE pump adapters. Many of our SAE housing adapters are used for water pump or gear box applications. We have both aluminum and steel adapters available. Our adapters come in a variety of lengths as well. Contact us to inquire about sizing and pricing.

Custom or SAE Flywheels

We manufacture many different flywheels for industrial engines. We have been approved by select engine manufactures to produce flywheels. To determine if we can help you with your custom or SAE flywheel needs, give us a call.