Many of our customers rely on us to provide them with custom housings or engine brackets.  The engine brackets started when some of our customer were using fabricated brackets and wanted their engine packages to be “Prettier” .  We took those fabricated brackets and turned them into smooth machined castings.  As far as our custom… Read More

We make new splined adapter on a regular basis.  It seems as though no one wants an adapter you have on the shelf, they want one that is custom to their application.  We will make you one piece or thousands of pieces.  If you have to adapt a splined shaft to a different splined shaft,… Read More

Have a special bearing support need? Allow us to design and build you the shortest possible assembly. Typical applications include: saw mills, concrete saws and any other application where machine width is critical. These assemblies are application specific, so we do not carry stock. We can design and build prototypes within 8 weeks, for most… Read More